Artist Interview: JP Bonino

AUGUST 8, 2022


JP Bonino is an Uruguay-born, (currently) Barcelona-based multidisciplinary artist. His gift of creating fantastical, absurd, nostalgic, mysterious, kitschy, theatrical worlds is evident in his editorial shoots, fashion campaigns, and street photography. He has collaborated with brands like Calvin Klein, Levis, Nike, Dropbox, and Paloma Wool to name a few. His work has been included in publications such as Tank, It’s Nice That, Sleek Mag, Sideguise, I-D, and Office NY. He has also photographed and designed cover art for numerous albums and singles.


Q: Walk us through your creative process. Is your work intentional or spontaneous?

A: Well, if I have to sum up this question I think it would be a perfect mix between the two and it would raise doubts about whether it is spontaneous or had some intention. 

Q: What was/is the creative scene like where you grew up in Uruguay and how does it compare to your current home base in Barcelona?

A: In the last few years Uruguay has grown a lot creatively and very interesting things are starting to emerge, every year I try to save some time to enjoy Uruguay, far from patriotism I think it is one of the best countries in the world <3

Q: As a multidisciplinary artist, do you have a favorite medium? What are your must-have tools?

My favorite medium beyond flirting with artificial intelligence, 3D software and whatever else comes along, is still a photo camera. 

Q: I am very curious to know where you find inspiration, especially for your Paloma Wool campaign (featured above).

A: One day we had a meeting because we both liked very much what each other was doing and she told me that her new collection would be called "mysteries of the unexplained" so well, the first thing I thought was that I was going to have a lot of fun with that name generating images, we started to make sketches in drawing of the story of 5 friends who were abducted and as for the references for this shooting, I used only actions inspired by paintings of the first Italian renaissance. 

Q: You tend to gravitate towards bright, striking colors. If you were a color, which would you be?

A: I would be the blue, I like what it generates on me, I like the sea, that first morning sky, how fast sonic the hedgehog is moving...

Q: Who/what is your favorite thing to photograph?

A: Love in old age

Q: How has the digital world changed the way you approach your work?

A: Actually since I started taking pictures I use digital worlds like pshop or afterFx in my way of working and I am always attentive to everything that is born , I welcome them and I love to find the way to apply them in my life , I am not worried that they are increasing because I wake up very early and I move like Sonic :P 

Thank you JP for letting us into your mind and sharing your practice with us. 💙

Dive deeper into JP's world on IG @jp._.bonino