Community Guidelines

How Do I Stay in Good Standing?

Here are the most important things to watch out for to keep your account in good standing:
  1. Artworks must be sold on-platform through Collect.
  2. All communication with a buyer must take place through Strada.
  3. Shipping must be through an international, recognized carrier with available tracking information and a signature required for delivery. You must provide proof on request.

What Are the Image Requirements?

Images must be of a high quality, and accurately depict the work for sale. For editioned works, an image of another work from the same edition may not be used.
While we recognize that it is common practice to use Photoshop or other image editing software on photographs, such software may only be used to provide an accurate depiction of the item for sale.
Editing software may be used to:
Editing software may not be used to:
You must also have the right to use the image (or images) submitted. Images from auction houses or third parties may not be used, unless it is of the particular work in question and the rights holder has specifically granted permission.