This component uses Transforms (Move Down 100%) to hide and show modal (on Tablet) so that filters apply once the user hits the apply button (optimal UX). Using the display: hidden will prevent the apply button from working.

To show and hide the modal for editing purposes on Tablet:
  • Select the filters1_filters-wrapper inside the parent div filters1_layout div.
  • Hit the Hide button and it will show (yes this is counterintuitive).

Design Lab


Solem Ceramics

Tamara “Solem” Al-Issa is a Syrian/Filipina Toronto-based sculptural artist with a focus on conveying preservation of time. Each piece is made with reverence toward the traditional materials and methods used by her ancestors. Her primary medium is hand-building and wheel-throwing clay, exploring themes of process vs outcome and contemporary characteristics ascribed to classical pottery. She is currently focusing on developing/applying intense hues of solid primary colours to ceramic, as well as hand-building ceramic light sculptures.

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