This component uses Transforms (Move Down 100%) to hide and show modal (on Tablet) so that filters apply once the user hits the apply button (optimal UX). Using the display: hidden will prevent the apply button from working.

To show and hide the modal for editing purposes on Tablet:
  • Select the filters1_filters-wrapper inside the parent div filters1_layout div.
  • Hit the Hide button and it will show (yes this is counterintuitive).

Design Lab


Minx Factory

MINX Factory is a ceramics studio currently based in Barcelona formed by Michelle Calvo (MX) and Borneo Modofoker (VZLA)‍She's a Taurus. Loves chocolate and a good nap. When out of the studio, she can be found either cuddling her cats or at a kickboxing class. He's a Virgo. Will sleep when he's dead and can be found drawing anywhere, or suggesting groundbreaking ideas to whom didn't ask for them.‍On Monday evenings they can both be found bowling. They fell in love for each others spirit and craft, and decided to build a life and work together. ‍Together they create unique premium quality objects that are meant to elevate everyday experiences. Their work is easily recognisable for their bold colours, patterns and geometric shapes.‍

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